In accordance with generally accepted practice in the United Church of Christ we in the First Congregational Church baptize people either as children or as adults.  Baptism with water and the Holy Spirit is the mark of their acceptance into the care of Christ’s church, the sign and seal of their participation in god’s forgiveness, and the beginning of their new growth into full Christian faith and life.


When an infant or young child is baptized, one or both parents and, if desired, sponsors (Godparents) promise to assume certain responsibilities for the Christian nurture of the baptized child.  Those baptized at an early age will be offered an opportunity in their youth to make a personal profession of faith through confirmation.


Baptism should occur only once in a person’s life.  If there is a question about whether baptism has taken place, a conditional phrase may be added as a person is baptized, such as “If you are not already baptized”…


The water used for baptism in this church comes from the Scituate reservoir with a small amount from the River Jordan added to it.  This water was taken from the Jordan and brought here by a former pastor, Rev. Donald Krohn and is kept by the Deacons in a place designated for it.


We in First Congregational Church baptize by sprinkling.


Baptism may be discussed, planned and scheduled by contacting the pastor, Warren Marble.  He can be reached at the church office, 738-3377, at home 739-1007, or cell # 523-4143.  It is suggested that initial contact be made several weeks in advance unless circumstances are urgent.


Portions of above from the UCC Book of Worship. Used by permission

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