Our pastor is available to all people in time of loss and bereavement.  Please feel free to call him at any time, day or night.  Consider inviting him to accompany you when you meet with the funeral director.  This is a time of great stress and a time when decisions must be made.  It can be reassuring and comforting to have the pastor with you.


The church is always available for a funeral.  Call the pastor to make arrangements. There are no set fees for the use of the church for a funeral.  Donations are accepted, however. 


The pastor customarily receives $100 to $300.  Please discuss this with the pastor, as circumstances may suggest something different.


The organist customarily receives $100 to $250.  Again, please discuss this with the pastor.


A soloist, if desired, can also be available.  The soloist would receive a like amount as the organist.


We offer a planning guide to be used before the need arises.  There are suggestions in this about matters sometimes overlooked in the time of need.  We suggest you spare your loved ones some of the anguish of decisions as well as the need to hunt for documents that you may not readily locate.  Find them on the information table in Memorial Hall or ask the pastor for some.

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