Weddings  can be scheduled by calling Pastor Warren Marble as far in advance as possible.  We welcome the opportunity to join a couple in marriage and would be pleased to welcome you into the worship and the fellowship of this church.


We offer a sanctuary styled after Early New England traditions which can accommodate about one hundred people, more on occasion.


You can choose to grace your wedding with music as the strident sounds of the traditional wedding marches played on a three manual pipe organ accompany the bride to the altar, soloists who we may suggest or you may choose, piano prelude, and even handbells!


We graciously receive an offering to the church.  While there is no set amount, the typical amount ranges between $100.00 and $500.00 for the use of the church.


The pastor will expect to meet with the couple at least twice prior to the wedding for conversation and counseling.  He is customarily given $200.00 to $300.00 for his services.


The organist usually receives $200.00 for his services.  He will be at the rehearsal too.


Soloists customarily expect $200.00 and up for their services.


The above are guidelines.  If you wish to give more, we will not object!  If you would find this to be burdensome or worse, please speak with the pastor.  Every wedding is unique and uniquely yours; a time to remember and to cherish.  We want to help make yours special!


Call the pastor at 401-523-4143 and start the conversation!

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